Do you have the BEST hair color you can get?

Whether freshening up summer highlights or going all in with a vibrant new shade of auburn, every color client wants to leave the salon with brilliant, glossy, billboard-worthy locks. So how do you prep for the best possible color result?

For many years stylists have told their clients to come to the salon with dirty hair on the day of their color service. In fact, you will still hear this request from some stylists and online. This is shocking to me! I have been involved with the American Board of Certified Hair colorists for a number of years and they are very clear on the fact that you will receive the best color service on CLEAN hair! That’s right! (A pre-color clarifying treatment is best.)

So why the change?Gratefully, hair color now is less harsh than years ago. Today’s hair color products are made of much more gentle formulations and are committed to keeping the integrity and health of your hair. The days of “Fried-Dyed-and-Laid-to-the-Side” are over. These current formulations are not meant to eat through 3 days of core power yoga, heat protectants, leave-in conditioner and smoothing products.

You are taking time out of your busy schedule and investing in your image. Don’t you want the best service possible? Ladies, wash your hair before you color. You will be happier with the results and your colorist will thank you!